How To Clean Hardwood Floors
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How To Clean Hardwood Floors

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Dull, scuffed, dirty, grimy hardwood floors can be a pain for home and business owners, but the cleanup doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. However, there are some things you should know about cleaning your hardwood floors before you get started to avoid damaging them. There is much debate about what products are safe and effective to use on hardwood and there are even manufacturers who will void your warranty if you use an unapproved cleaning solution.  

Routine Cleaning for Hardwood Floors

For regular cleaning, you should try to sweep and/or vacuum every day, if possible. About once per week, mop with a damp mop –NOT a soaking wet mop- using either plain water or water mixed with a mild soap like liquid dishwashing soap. Water causes all kinds of problems to hardwood floors even if they are sealed, so you want to work in small areas and avoid letting water sit on your floor while you are cleaning. Use a dry cloth or dry mop after scrubbing a small section to dry it before you move on to another section.  

What Not To Do

  • Use a soaking wet mop and leave water sitting on the floor 
  • Steam clean your hardwood floors 
  • Use abrasive chemical cleaners, oils, waxes, or furniture sprays  
  • Clean a sealed floor using lemon juice or a vinegar-based solution 
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